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Travel Tips

I’m soon going to travel overseas so I thought I might share some travel tips with you. Those things might not work for you but they most definitely helped me in the past when traveling.

1. Bring a little Passport Holder where you can put your passport in and some other cards, cash, tickets, visas, etc. You can get them in all sorts of colours … my tip get a bright one so it’s super easy to find in your handbag when you need it.

2. Be organised. Write a list or download a packing list online. It’s good to have everything written down somewhere so as you put it in your suitcase or bag you can tick it off and you know it’s packed.

3. Pack your stuff at least 1-2 days before you depart. Don’t wait an hour before you have to leave it’s best to plan what you pack … it’s less stressful and you’ll most likely not forget anything at home.

4.Bring a reusable water bottle. You can tip out the water before going through security and fill it up again afterwards. Buying water at airports can be really expensive and unecessary.

5. And last but not least pack lightly. Don’t carry unecessary stuff with you that you don’t actually need.

I hope those tips were somewhat helpful :). I wish everyone who’s going abroad or on holidays soon good travels.

Lots of love xx