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Affordable Spring Outfit #4

Another Affordable Spring Outfit this week and all the items are from the online store boohoo.com. I’d call this look “comfy-chic” because the maxi dress is just a really nice comfortable item but it still looks very elegant with the clutch and the shoes. I hope you like this outfit if you do please like this post or comment on it. 🙂


Sandy Scoop Neck Maxi Dress – 10 £

Scarlett Barely There Pastel Heels – 18 £

Amanda Ribbon Band Bowler Hat – 10 £

Bella Contrast Tile Print Clutch – 15 £

Lisa Triple Plate Necklace – 8 £


Affordable Spring Outfit #3

I call this weeks Affordable Spring Outfit “Minimalistic” because I think it’s a very basic but still stylish outfit. The total cost of those fashion pieces is under 100 AUD and I think it’d be ideal for days where it’s not that warm yet and where you want to wear something comfy but still need to look a bit elegant.

Rosie Myda Jumpsuit – 35,95 AUD

Pointed Toe Pump – 26,95 AUD

Akla Necklace – 24,95 AUD

Egna Hood – 11,95 AUD

Affordable Spring Outfit #2

This weeks Affordable Spring Outfit is called “Spring Feelings” and contains of items I found on Asos. They are currently available online. I really hope you guys enjoy this outfit. What I like about it is that it’s very versatile. It is more of an evening look compared to last weeks outfit but you can still wear it during the day. If you didn’t see the first outfit from last week go check that out :).


Skater Dress – 45,17 USD

Platoon High Heels – 25,41 USD

Tulip Hair Crown – 6,77 USD

Quilted Grid Clutch – 20,70 USD

Affordable Spring Outfit #1

Every Saturday throughout the month March I’ll post an “Affordable Spring Outfit” that costs under 100-200 USD in total. Alltogether I’ll create 5 Looks using only one Website or Brand for each Outfit (the items shown are currently available online :)).

I’ll call this first outfit “Sunrise” and I only used H&M items. I like the trend to wear shirts under jumpers and think it’s a great way to layer clothing especially when it’s not super warm outside yet. The look is chic but also casual at the same time and gives the outfit an effortless but modern look. I really like this outfit – What do you guys think? – leave a comment below and tell me if you’d wear this or not.


Cotton Blouse – 12,95 USD

Knit Sweater – 34,95 USD

Slim-fit Twill Pants – 19,95 USD

Sneakers – 12,95 USD

Sunglasses – 7,95 USD

Necklace – 9,95 USD