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Lush Soak and Float Solid Shampoo Bar Review

Today I want to review a product for you that I just recently bought. After trying it out twice I might not be able to tell you a whole lot about it but I can at least share my  thoughts and first impressions with you.


A while ago I noticed that my scalp was getting really dry giving me a bit of an uncomfortale feeling. I don’t know if the cause for it was the shampoo I used before or hair products I started using lately, I just knew that I had to do something about it. Always being a fan of Lush products I thought I could try one of there solid shampoo bars. The lady in the store was as always super helpful and found the perfect shampoo for my hair type. Only after using it once the dry skin on my scalp was gone and my hair was shiny and soft. The only negative point about this shampoo is the scent, it smells very very smoky and no matter in what room you’ll store it the whole air will be filled with this “bacon” smell. Don’t worry though it doesn’t leave your hair smelling like that at all it’s just very intense while you’re using it. Overall it’s a great product and it’s supposed to last up to 80 washes if you keep it in a dry place and if you drain it well.