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Skincare: Long Haul Flights

Continuing my travel posts here is my skincare routine for when I’m traveling.


First of all I need a hand cream because I feel like my hands are the first thing to get dry considering I’m carrying around bags and suitcases so I like to always have a hand cream with me. Not really skincare well I guess it is, deodorant. I think it’s really important for when you just feel a bit sweaty which is totally normal (a day at the airport or on a plane can be quite stressful). Other than that I obviously have my face serum and moisturizer which I apply before take off and landing. For my lips I’m using a beeswax balm which nurishes them beautifully. For the rest of my body I use a lotion that is also very moisturizing so if I get dry skin or itchy skin I just apply it to those spots. That’s it for my skincare routine. I don’t usually wear makeup when traveling so it’s not that much but I hope you guys still found it interesting.

Soap and Glory – Hand Food
Rexona Biorythm Deodorant
IndeedLabs – Hydraluron
La Roche Posay – Effaclar Duo
Lush – Dream Cream
Lipbalm – Handmade


February Favorites

For some weird reason February was the month of nudeness for me.
Not that I ran around naked šŸ˜‰ I just didn’t really wear make up at all. That second month of the year was more like a cleansing month for my skin. Not wearing makeup at all… that means no mascara no bb creams nothing … really made my skin look healthy and glowing again. My February Favorites will therefore consist of more skincare products than makeup. I’ll also include my favorite scent of the month, movie, nail polish and other cool things.

February Favorites
Formula 10.0.6 – Three Times Sublime
This 3 in 1 Wash + Scrub + Mask has been my best friend for a very long time when it comes to exfoliating my skin. Once a week I use it as a mask and let it sit on my skin for around 10-15 minutes then wash it off. Other than that I use it as a daily face wash when I’m in the shower to get rid of dirt and dead skin cells (it makes my skin so smooth and blackhead free). It does have little exfoliating pearls in it so if your skin is “super sensitive” it might not be something for you. The smell of it is also very refreshing and good to use in the morning for a little boost. Besides that it’s a really affordable product that lasts for a long time.

Indeed Laboratories – Hydraluron
I’ve never been a big fan of Ā serums but this one is literally amazing. I repurchased Hydraluron 3x now and it’s worth every cent. For some reason my skin feels incredibly youthful and smooth after applying it and I love the fact that it absorbs into my skin super fast (literally in 3 seconds). It amazes how the product just seems to disappear on my skin leaving it refreshed and bright.

La Roche-Posay – Effaclar Duo
Even though this product is supposed to be used by people with acne prone skin I still love it. I have combination skin, fairly clean with the odd pimple every now and then but I still feel like using this product makes my skin just flawless. At times where my skin is really good I just use it as spot treatment at other times I use it all over the face. I’ve been loving this product for probably around 6-7 years now. It is not the cheapest product but if you tend to have breakouts or have acne give it a try it really worked wonders in my teenage years.

The Body Shop Lip Butter – Chocomania
My lips have been really dry this month so I decided to try out this lip product. I always liked their Body Butters so I thought why not give the Lip Butters a try. OMG this little chocolate pot saved my lips this month. Before I go to bed I put on a quite big amount of it hoping that it gets absorbed into my lips overnight making them feel Ā super nice and smooth … and that’s exactly what that products does.

Lush – Dream Cream
I’ve used this product on my elbows and my legs manly because it is a really rich and thick moisturizer. It’s ideal for winter I think and if you have really really dry skin you might also be able to use it all over your body. It smells simply amazing but I can’t really describe the scent as with most lush products I own.

The Body Shop Shower Gel – Cranberry Joy
This literally is a “Joy” to use. The scent of this rather pricy but totally worth it shower gel is really comforting. Especially in winter time I like that cranberry/fruity scent.I also think that it really nurishes my skin and leaves it super clean and fresh for the day. As far as I know you could only get this shower gel with the 2013 Christmas stuff at The Body Shop but there other scents are just as amazing.

Soap & Glory – Hand Food
Trying this out for the first time made me feel like I’m in heaven. I love the kind of thick texture that absorbs rather quickly into skin (doesn’t leave you with super greasy hands for hours). For me it just does the job, it smells divine, it’s very moisturizing and it’s not super expensive. I used to use the l’occitane hand creams and absolutely loved them but after a while they became too expensive considering how much hand cream I use ;). After trying out this product I’m sure I’ll go get some other Soap & Glory products, any recommendations?

Vera Wang – Princess
This beautiful perfume has been with me for a while now and it seems to catch my attention every spring/autumn. For some reason to me it’s the perfect scent in the mild months. It’s not too heavy not too light, not too florally not too fruity. I don’t know how to describe it, it’s just the most beautiful everyday scent that makes you feel like a princess – well at least for a little moment.

Sinful Colors – 960 Envy
I already mentioned this colour in my Top 5 Nail Polish Picks Spring 2014 blog post (including swatches) so go check that out if you’re interested. Love the colour and especially the lasting power. Usually nail polish chips off after 2-3 days on me but for some strange reason this one stays on for over 5 days without any chipping. It’s really cheap and Sinful Colors has an amazing colour selection and I’ll definitely try out some of the other colours.

Kikki K Diary
My Kikki K Diary is my daily companion and I take it with me everywhere I go. I love that it’s compact but you still get a lot of space to write down stuff you need to do or remember everyday. The design is really cool and fun and I also got a little notebook and some stickers with it. It’s just a super cool diary for school, uni, work Ā or whatever your life holds.

Favorite Movie

Favorite Song
M83 – “Midnight City”