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What’s in my bag?

Even though I don’t ¬†carry a lot of stuff with me on a daily basis I wanted to show you my everyday handbag and what’s in it.

First of all my handbag is from Rebecca Minkoff and it’s a Mini M.A.C in the colour Emerald Green I think. I love love love this bag and for a person like me who doesn’t carry lots of stuff around and who most importantly doesn’t want to … it’s the perfect size handbag. The quality is really nice and even after having it for almost a year now it still looks pretty new.

Mini M.A.C.

Second of all I want to show you what’s in the actual bag but first you need to know that I do not carry makeup and this and that in my handbag for me I like to just have the essentials for me personally with me. I’m not able to leave the house without headphones so I always bring my Philips (SHQ 1200) headphones with me. Also in my bag who would’ve thought is my wallet, well it’s actually a little wristlet itself but I love to use it as my wallet and it’s from Fossil. My only beauty products are a Babylips in Berry Crush and a NYX Buttergloss in Peach Cobbler (Check out my Top 5 Lipstick Picks for Spring). Last but not least I always have my KikkiK Diary with me which I mentioned in my February Favorites¬†.


That’s all I carry around with me I hope you liked this post and I’ll be back with a new blog post on Wednesday the 19th of March.

Lots of love xx
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