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The beginning of …

As this is my first blog post ever I thought I’d talk about what my plans for this blog are.

I want this to be an interactive blog where not only me but also you can decide what I’ll post next. My interests are lifestyle, fashion, makeup, cooking, music and all that kind of stuff (the most exciting interests ever ;D) but if you are curious about specific topic just tell me and I’ll work on it and do my research.

I wanted to start a blog ages ago but never had the guts to do it… I don’t know why but today I woke up and decided that I’m super ready and motivated and that I really want to this. I want to meet new people and experience myself what’s so interesting about the blogger world.

If there’s anything you want to ask me go ahead 😀 I’ll work on my first “real” blog post now which will be my nail polish picks for spring 2014.

Lots of love xx